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FAQ for Erisin DAB+ Box

Question 1: Does my area have DAB+ signal?

Please click the link below to check global DAB+ signal coverage status before purchase to avoid mistake:

Question 2: No signal, Poor signal, No Service


1. Did you tap the “search” icon under DAB mode?

Demonstration video:
2. Please confirm if you have installed the device in correct way?
Put the USB part into the radio;
And then connect the MCX mount antenna to the other end and mount on your front windscreen(make sure it connects to a metal part).
Demonstration Picture:

Demonstration video:
3. Uninstall the old the DAB+ APK on your Android car stereo, download and install a new DAB+ APK via the link below:
4. Please change another USB cable for DAB+ box to have a try;
5. Can you confirm if the 3M amplified antenna still works fine?
If the antenna is broken, please feel free to contact us
6. If no helps, please check our detailed User Manual (English) here:

How to install a DAB windscreen aerial

1). Preparation

The DAB aerial will be installed on the passenger side of the windscreen. This is so it’s not in the drivers’ vision. The cable will be routed down the A-pillar. Clean the area from any dirt or dust so that the aerial is able to adhesive to the screen.

2). Remove the A-pillar trim

The A-pillar trim is removed so that the cable can be run from the aerial to the digital radio or adapter. The aerial also has an earth plane strip which needs to attach to the bare metal body of the car (if painted, rub it off with sand paper), behind the plastic trim.

If your A-pillar has an airbag sign or badge consult a garage or an audio installation professional for the installation. It is not worth accidentally damaging or inhibiting safety features like an airbag to install the aerial. A badge often covers a screw which holds the trim in place. The trim piece in this car pulls away, starting at the top. You may need to pull down some of the rubber door strip first.

3). Position the aerial

Now find the position for the DAB windscreen aerial. The adhesive is strong and once stuck to the window it won’t be possible to peel it off and try again. The aerial should be positioned so that the earth strip reaches the metal surface and there is a 150mm gap between the antenna and the top of the windscreen.

Enough space needs to be left for the A-pillar trim to go back between the bodywork and the plastic part of the aerial.

4). Stick the aerial to the windscreen

Use masking tape to hold the aerial in position whilst you check that the DAB kit can get a signal with the App on the radio. With the position chosen remove the sticky pad backing and hold the aerial in place on the windscreen for about 30 seconds to ensure it sticks. You may find it easier to stick the base to the windscreen first, then peel the backing from the antenna part. Remove the backing from the earth plane strip and make sure it sticks to the metal surface.

5). Route the cable down the A-pillar
Now the cable can be routed down the A-pillar. You could use insulation tape to hold the cables in place. Make sure the DAB aerial cable is not running alongside any unshielded cables as this can cause interference.

Important Information

Do not position the DAB aerial above the UV protection line on your vehicles windscreen - this will block signal. This is why 150mm from the top of the windscreen to the tip of the aerial is advised.

Do not force the USB cable into the DAB box. This can cause the fitting to damage/break and will invalidate the warranty on the product. The USB will connect but show a little metal (won't push in flush). This is so you can tape or cable tie everything together so that the box cannot move. If the DAB can move, then it will cause a digital squeal.  The DAB should be secured so it cannot move in transit.

7. If you insist on making the return or do not want to wait for new antenna, please contact us first for a return address and RMA number first, please do not open return request, thank you!